Thursday, October 27, 2011

That Was Me

Here is a song I co-wrote today with a friend of mine, Jason Mitchell. He shared for approximately 10 minutes regarding various topics that addressed the question: "What songs is the Church not singing or writing?" It was an inspirational 10 minutes. Afterwards, I was afforded the opportunity to write a song with him. Here are the lyrics:

That Was Me
2011 Ferrari, Michael; Mitchell, Jason

Verse 1
When I didn’t care
about the things I did and if you were there
watching over me to see my despair -
that was me.
But you were there
Watching over me you saw my despair
You saw the things I did when I didn’t care
You cared for me

Verse 2
When I couldn’t see
I was blind to everything I could be
I had a heart inside that couldn’t beat
That was me.
You looked at me
You clearly saw inside that I wasn’t free
You lead me by the hand when I couldn’t see
‘Cause you saw me

That was me
A person in the grasp of darkness I couldn’t see
In spite of all that I had done you found me on my knees
That was me


Bridge 2
Now this is me
A person with a Savior who has heard my silent plea
A locked up heart that had no hope but you had the key
This is me