Monday, October 26, 2009

The Quest For Validation And Legitimacy

As we look into our individual and collective futures, each one of us finds a need to validate himself through reassurance of the legitimacy of our endeavors. Whether we find validation in the things we accomplish or we accomplish from a sense of self validation is all-important. If we truly have found our validation in Christ than anything we try to achieve for the purpose of His glory has legitimacy because of Him. But if we think that doing what Christ commands is in order to find validation as a result, we will feel illegitimate. We are to be identified not by what we can or even want to do for Him but through what he has already done for us. That is all. Nothing more (even though, in this case, "more" is actually less). TMF

Thursday, October 22, 2009

words matter. word matter. word matters.

I am thinking through the gravity of words. Words Matter. Am I intentional about and conscious of the consistency of my word matter? The more I communicate, it seems, the less I say. Am I plugging into the source of endless vocabulary, God, on a consistent enough basis to give my ubiquitous communication meaning and depth? I love to say things that seem out of place and even boarder on impropriety. Why? For two reasons, I think. One, to challenge what we accept as the cultural and [Christian] sub-cultural norm. Two, to put others off axis within a conversation and put me in a position of command. The first one can pass as being noble. The second is just selfish and arrogant. I am just being honest here. If I am going to tell people that I live an examined life, I have to start by looking at word matters. TMF

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I wish I could sell a song...

If I could sell a song, maybe I would make a million dollars. Maybe, as a result of that million dollar song, people would hear in the lyrics an idea that changes their life. Maybe they would then want to buy more songs and want to see me in person. Maybe they would pay money to see me in person. Then I would have a chance to perform several songs containing life changing ideas. Maybe I'm doing this music thing to change lives. Or maybe I just want to be rich and famous. Who knows. Cheers. TMF