Thursday, October 22, 2009

words matter. word matter. word matters.

I am thinking through the gravity of words. Words Matter. Am I intentional about and conscious of the consistency of my word matter? The more I communicate, it seems, the less I say. Am I plugging into the source of endless vocabulary, God, on a consistent enough basis to give my ubiquitous communication meaning and depth? I love to say things that seem out of place and even boarder on impropriety. Why? For two reasons, I think. One, to challenge what we accept as the cultural and [Christian] sub-cultural norm. Two, to put others off axis within a conversation and put me in a position of command. The first one can pass as being noble. The second is just selfish and arrogant. I am just being honest here. If I am going to tell people that I live an examined life, I have to start by looking at word matters. TMF

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  1. awesome post! i am a lover of authenticity , and we begin drawing people to Christ through our honesty. Love it! didn't know you were bloggin..totally cool!