Sunday, May 30, 2010

Scenarios By Which We Measure Rock Strength

Scenarios By Which We Measure Rock Strength

Each of the scenarios below can be an individual unit of measure and can be expressed in terms of percentage, i.e. “we rocked faces 91% off!” or as a statement with an unspoken correlation to a more accurate measurement – Rock Strength Units. The possible outcomes of rocking listed below are multiplied by 1000 RSU for every 100 people being rocked. So, following the chart below, if the power of your rock melted faces and there were 300 faces to be melted your total RSU handed out would be 900,000.

Scenario RSU Value Persons Rocked Total RSU
Rock Socks Off 500
Rock Faces 1000
Rock Faces Off 2000
Melt Faces 3000
Rock The Fo’ Hammer 4000

This is not an exhaustive list of possible outcomes of rocking. There is no threshold by which the rocker can be restrained. There is no hyperbole in measuring rock strength. So if you hear a fellow rocker say he “rocked the earth in half” it is not your responsibility to disprove his statement, but to help him measure this scenario in RSU then add it to the list above. RSU is a metric value and there is no metric/us conversion.

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  1. excellent. And did I spy a Warlord reference in there?