Thursday, December 9, 2010

Finally. Somebody Gets It.

I've spent the last several years hating Christmas. Four years ago, when my son Cole was born, I thought I would begin to get excited about this time of year. But it still didn't happen. Whenever Christmas rolled around, I immediately began thinking about buying gifts, how I never had enough money for all the people I needed to buy for, and how even if I had enough money, the gifts would probably be disappointing anyway. Depressing. This year though, something is different. I am so excited to spend Christmas with my awesome family. Here is something else, I am starting to see other people who are getting it too. Check this out. As Susan, Cole, Cohen and I were driving the other night, I saw a house set off to the right that was absolutely covered in Christmas lights. I decided it would be fun to drive through the little neighborhood to find that house. After a few minutes and a few turns, I found it. Up close, it was even more incredible than we thought. Check out the pictures.


But the most amazing thing happened when we got closer to the driveway. There was a sign posted by the homeowner explaining why they decided to go to such incredible lengths to decorate their home. Check out this picture.

Yeah. As I read the sign out loud to my family, I began to cry. Finally, somebody gets it. Me.

You can support the "Meter Buster Christmas Display" on facebook and donate to the cause here:!/pages/Lancaster-PA/Meter-Buster-Christmas-Display/190756176605?v=wall


  1. That's awesome. I love it when people (me included) get it.

  2. Excellent, Michael. I'm gonna post this in a few places as well.

  3. I love that they are doing this, and not just to be the Griswolds. Thanks for sharing!