Monday, February 28, 2011

Bye, House.

So, we sold our house. As I did a final walk through to make sure that we'd taken care of every detail before turning it over to the new owner, I was overwhelmed by a cavalcade of emotions. I wrote this little piece to aid in understanding my feelings on the whole situation.
This is our house.
We live here every day.
And even though we love it.
We have to move away.

Mommy, Daddy, me and both
my little brothers, too.
Feel a little sad that this is
what we have to do.

A little family, Daddy says,
Needs lots of room to grow,
and though our house can't talk
It's good for us to let her know

That as we all grow up and live
In houses of our own,
She'll always be remembered
As our first and favorite home.

Bye, house.
Bye, yard.
Living here was good.
Leaving you is hard.



  1. That's a great song. Makes me think of the many places I have left behind.

  2. That's awesome. So true. I still remember our little, old farmhouse.

  3. Wow, that's great. We moved years ago, similar reason, outgrew the old house. Life was good, leaving was hard. New owners love it (see them thru work), makes it less hard knowing it's still loved. I know it'll be same for you.

  4. here's to valuing what's behind as you move towards what's ahead!

  5. Great prose piece. Good luck in the new place and with that precious family!
    Skip and Dee

  6. that was perfect. in a way, it is kind of preparing me for my family's transition. different senerio but sentiments are the same. thank you.

  7. Thanks for the feedback folks!