Thursday, April 28, 2011

I Belong To You

When I think about the instrument
Of your death, my lord, and how far you went
To redeem my soul and to make me new
I can’t help but say I belong to you

When I think about what a fool like me
Does deserve, my lord, I begin to see
In your outstretched arms is a love so true
And it makes me say I belong to you

I belong to you I am yours alone
I am giving all that I call my own
Oh I sing this song as an offering
Knowing I belong to a Servant King

When I think about all the pow’r you hold
And that you laid it down so it could be told
That you did for me what no one else could do
And make a way for me to belong to you

When I think about what could have been
All the trouble, Lord, you could have left me in!
But you rescued me and you always do
So every single day I’ll sing a song to you

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