Saturday, May 14, 2011

When We Don't Talk

When we don’t talk it’s impossible
to rephrase all the things we don’t say
Comes as a shock but it’s logical
You can’t lose if you’re refusing to play
     Haul in the reigns , stop on the plains
     Circle the wagons so you don’t go insane.
     Look at the clock it’s unstoppable
     but you’re surely gonna try anyway.

When we don’t relate it’s improbable
that relationships will start on their own
Do what it takes to make the honor role
Just make sure your cover doesn’t get blown
Haul in the souls, heap on the coals
Help ‘em work harder to achieve all the goals
Put out the bait in a sugar bowl
If they bite you’re one step closer to home.

Do what you need
Heaven will bleed
Isn't it true that you will reap what you sow?
You plant the seed
give it some feed
It's not your job to help it to grow

When we don’t love cause it’s unfashionable
We destroy the chance for love in return
When push comes to shove it’s acceptable
To withhold the love even if we burn
Harbor the fears, do it for years
Let no one see you when you’re shedding your tears
It comes from above and it’s credible
That the Mighty One is mighty concerned

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