Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wade Into The Water

Once a month, the LCBC Music Team, which I am privileged to be a part of, get's together for a songwriting session. Usually, there will be some sort of discussion centered around a passage of scripture or a thought that guides us and focuses on a topic about which to write. After our time of discussion, we split up into teams of two or three and we are given an hour to write a song. Sometimes there is a great song written, sometimes there isn't, but it's ALWAYS a good time.
Last week, I was paired up with Ryan Holmes, another of our associate worship leaders, and we wrote a song called "Deep". I love it. It is an interesting process, writing a song with Ryan. He is forever saying, "That's good, but I think it needs to be more simple," and I am forever saying, "I think it should have a more clever (read: wordy) hook right THERE!" As we come together and throw out ideas (and many times, throw away ideas), we can usually find middle ground that's solid enough for the both of us to stand on. I wanted to share the lyrics of this song with you. I am hoping to record a demo of this song soon so we can all share in it together. Enjoy. TMF

Ferrari, Michael; Holmes, Ryan

Forget me not oh Lord
In my weakened state
With all the power you hold
you still hold my fate!

I'm still crying out
Would you hear my voice
Please show your mercy now
To this humble boy

Deep, deep, deep
Down past what I can see
Deep, deep, deep
Deep is your love for me

I'll wade into the water
Even though I cannot see
What's underneath the surface
Right in front of me
I'll wade into the water
Wash away what isn't true
When you ask me too.

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