Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sweet Potatoe Pie And A Bullet

The number one thing to understand about this song is three things: 1) Most of the time, but not all, when I say "You" I really mean "Me". 2) I am shooting at a lot of people/things in this one (hence the bullet). 3) "Sweet Potato Pie" is code for bullsh*t.

Ok, now that that's out there...
Here is a list of people/things I'm shooting at:

Verse 1
1. The Bible
2. People who criticize the Bible
3. People who misuse the truths found in the Bible to justify their actions.
4. The idea that being a Christian means you've got it together.

Verse 2
1. People who have great ideas that don't lead to action.
2. People who's great ideas (that don't lead to action) lead them to judge others.
3. People who speak "Christian" but don't deliver on their words.
4. Myself and a certain evil habit that once existed in my life.

Please remember, I include myself when I say "You".

Here are the lyrics:

Sweet Potato Pie and a Bullet

Jesus came, discipled John.
Jesus left and John moved on
Packed his bags and donned his wings
John is on to bigger things.

John saw visions in the air
Tore his clothes and lost his hair
Off the coast of Sicily
If john saw nothing who are we.

Sweet potato pie and a bullet goes
A little further than the average person knows
Back to john and on to me
I’m just about confused as a person could be

The light goes on across the room
I’m-a-gonna leave if you don’t say it soon
I believe you overshot
You’re landing when you said you’re gonna pray a lot

Don’t commit your hands to fold
If you’re gonna break a promise not an hour old
You get help and I’ll relate
Your sweet potato pie can fill another plate

Erase your history from the week
Drive a mile home and pinch a little cheek
Look her right in the eyes
And calmly tell her all her favorite pack of lies

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