Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Watch Them Burn

Back in 2005 I bought my first "Real" guitar. It was an Epiphone 335 'dot'. '57 Humbuckers, Grover Tuners, Fixed Tailpiece, it was sweet. The Epiphone was my main guitar for several years. I played it for tons of shows, it rode around in a trailer in freezing cold and blazing hot conditions. It got rained on at outdoor shows and probably got filled with smoke at more than one bar show. It always stayed in tune and always sounded great. One day in 2007, when I was at my band's practice room where I often would go to write songs, I thought to myself, "I wonder if I could get an Epiphone endorsement if I wrote a song all about how awesome their guitars are?".  That was where this song came from. There are two ironys in this story. One: Epiphones are by no means top-of-the-line guitars. They are fairly consistent quality and reliable, but not of the desirable, collectors-got-to-have-it status. And here I was shooting for the stars of an Epiphone endorsement! Two: This is one of the few songs on the record that were NOT tracked using the very guitar I'm singing about! Anyway, even if you aren't a guitar buff, I hope you can appreciate and enjoy the meaning behind this song. Here are the lyrics:

Watch Them Burn

Strumming on my Epiphone
I don’t care if I play it alone
But you should hear that killer tone
It’s rock and roll and rolling stone

Set the clock an hour back
And keep on turning up the stack
There is nothing that I lack
Write the song and cut the track

My endorsement deal’s a bust
I will buy them if I must
Cause when I’m playing I can trust
My guitars will never rust

Keep it simple so they say
Pick three chords and start to play
Watch the hours fly away
My Epiphone is here to stay

What’s that sound
It shakes the ground
It’s getting louder and it’s all around
Watch and Learn
Without concern
I’ll set the frets on fire and watch them burn

I won’t dwell upon the gear
Cause there’s a lot of people here
And they just got another beer
So give 'em what they want to hear

Catchy hooks and happy chops
Pulling out all of the stops
until my amp just cracks and pops
or we get shut down by the cops

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