Saturday, September 11, 2010

Take Me To The Edge

This song was one that I wrote back in the early part of 2007. I had started to experience a sort of spiritual reawakening and was thinking that it was time to stop fighting God. I was thinking about how my fear of being close to God was born out of my fear of being associated with Christians (whom I really did NOT like at that time), but that if my fear was keeping me from Him, it must be sin. I had never thought of fear as a choice that could be made before. I liked that concept very much and still do.
This is the first song in the lineup lacking a sarcastic tone toward either myself, someone else or God, so that's a good thing! This was the first song I started recording for the record. It wasn't even supposed to be on Loose Cannon, but after I laid down the initial tracks, I really started to like it! It was the first song I mixed as well, and really set the tone for the record's overall sound color. Here are the lyrics:

Take Me To The Edge

Take me in your arms
Kiss me on the lips
Take me by the hand
In case I slip
Fit me in your armor
When the guns begin
And even though the noise
Would you draw me in

Take me to the edge
But don't let me fall
Unless I fall to my knees
At the wailing wall
I dropped all my defenses
When the war came to an end
And I finally stopped fighting
When you became my friend

Give me something clear
That you want me to do
Are there people to affect
And could you show me who
Let me take a moment
To try to shed my skin
It's the clothing of fear
And I don't need that sin

Take me to the edge...

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