Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wish Me Luck

     This is a song I wrote one day when I was feeling down. It was kind of a suicide note for going into ministry. I imagined that people would look at me and say, "God, what would drive someone to the point where they would do that?" Or, "Man, he must have felt completely hopeless." This of course is ridiculous and hyperbolic. But since I've started working in Worship Ministry (I still get squeamish when I say that word - ministry) there have been many days where I wondered if I had committed career suicide by taking the job as Associate Worship Leader at LCBC.
     The thing is that I have experienced so many awesome stories ans amazing encounters with really good and unique people, I have little time to second guess. Plus, there hasn't been a single day that I've doubted that God had somehow, in all of his deviousness, brought me to this place to do this work. All in all, I am extremely grateful that I get to serve and serve with the people that lead our community in worship and praise of such an awesome God.
     I hope you have enjoyed the posts telling the meaning and lyrics of the songs from "Loose Cannon". It has been a fun experience. Thanks for reading! TMF

Lyrics for "Wish Me Luck":

Wish me luck
I'm on my way
I wave goodbye like I'm
the King of the Parade

But there's no crowd
no colorful balloons
no thanks sincerely
I'll be coming back here soon

He said:
You have to believe
And if you do
You get to see the end
and be here with me too.

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