Sunday, May 22, 2011

How Faces Melt - Part Three

     The best way to melt faces, point 'em to God. He will melt their heart. Here are the lyrics to a song I co-wrote with my friend, Jeff Culp. Best attempt at pointing people to God. If you've been to LCBC Church recently, you might have heard this song. It's one I'm pretty proud of.
     Also the songs I co-write are always better than the ones I write on my own. A rare, vulnerable, humble moment. Cherish it. Tomorrow, I go back to melting faces with the strength of my rock.

Savior Called
Michael Ferrari, Jeff Culp
2009 LCBC

Verse 1
Look what love I’ve found;
So complete, so secure, so sweet.
Look what hands I hold driven through with nails,
Hands so strong holding hands so frail.
Look what love I’ve found!

Verse 2
Look what joy I’ve found; I’m made new,
I’m redeemed through and through.
Laughter fills my heart when I recall
The day you became my all in all.
Look what joy I’ve found!

Verse 3
Look what peace I’ve found;
I am still, I can rest in your will.
I’m falling to my knees at the thought
That I’ve been saved I’ve been bought.
Look what peace I’ve found!

Your love’s the perfect measure
For what my heart should treasure
You lift my head up. You lift my head up.
My salvation story
I sing to bring you glory
I lift my hands up. I lift my hands up.


Verse 4
Savior called to me and
Hands once bound have been untied
And freedom found.
These feet have been set free rom shackles’ hold
Now they run to calling Savior‘s fold.


  1. This is my new favorite song! It is beautifully expressive when signed, too. The American Sign Language interpreter, Marsha did a wonderful job this morning portraying passion behind the words, ... but how can we not feel the passion when we sing this song? It is simply true.
    Joyce Edmiston

  2. disguised_by_graceMay 22, 2011 at 5:04 PM

    My heart melts when I hear this song...

  3. Michael- This is an amazing song. Words on your blog do not do it justice, hearing it this morning touched my heart. You are so talented and have touched the hearts of so many. I am blessed to know you and thank you for all you do for us @ the Lancaster campus, but I know your talent will reach out far and beyond Lancaster City. Enjoy your week and Be Encouraged!

  4. its a song we enjoy sharing together.